Investment Criteria
Shared Values


Mission Statement
Mission Ventures helps build successful enterprises in Southern California and creates superior returns on investment for its investors.
This is accomplished by investing in the most promising early-stage companies in high growth, emerging markets, and providing significant assistance to those companies as they develop. The Partnership brings value-added capital, experience, management talent, and guidance to the most outstanding and innovative ideas and entrepreneurs in the region.





Mission Ventures uses an investment approach that targets companies that can grow aggressively and become sizable businesses in rapidly emerging markets. The market opportunity for most investments will often be based on proprietary or unique features of a technology or service offering, as evidenced by aggressive due diligence and group assessment. These types of companies are generally much more likely to develop competitive positioning, market share leadership, and greater profits. Finally, the management of such companies must either be of top quality, or the Partnership must be sufficiently satisfied that, with appropriate effort, a top quality management team can be attracted to the situation.





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