TransChip is a fabless semiconductor company designing advanced CMOS imagers for mobile phones and other portable devices. TransChip’s core technology includes advanced image capture, color processing and image compression in a single-chip camera module. TransChip’s vision is to become the leading provider of imagers for mobile phones by delivering a complete, programmable solution with superior image quality. TransChip is the first company in the world to demonstrate a CMOS imager with integrated digital image signal processing and JPEG compression. A complete shrink-wrap solution results in lower product cost, simpler integration, and reduced power consumption when compared to competing multi-chip solutions. In addition, TransChip's superior image quality is achieved through the use of proprietary CMOS sensor design techniques and advanced color processing algorithms. TransChip's solution eliminates the need for the high processing power required for image capture and preview and guarantees built-in functionality that many competing technologies and solutions cannot deliver.




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